Dish Network

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Here at Expert Installations LLC, we are extremely passionate about what we do. We care about every aspect of the products we offer, and what each company stands for. We are extremely happy with our new partnership with Dish Network and would love to share a little background on how they came to be. Contact us for any questions you may have regarding service and installation today.


Three people – Charlie Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco – were hauling an enormous C-band TV dish antenna via pickup truck to a customer in remote Colorado. In the early 1980s, this was one of only two dish antennas owned by the developing new business. A powerful gust of wind whipped up, blowing the antenna off its trailer and into a roadside ditch. There goes half of the company.

Summed up as a bad day in the infancy of DISH, the founding trio overcame this setback to build what is now a Fortune 250 company that employs thousands and serves millions throughout the nation – a seemingly unlikely future on that blustery day.


Fast forward to 1995, when Ergen set his sights on launching his first satellite from China, then a novice in the satellite industry. Staking the future of young DISH on one, multimillion dollar satellite, Ergen gambled with the odds of a favorable launch. After watching a Chinese rocket promptly crash and burn, he witnessed the nerve-wracking, but ultimately successful deployment of Echo I.

Several months later, DISH made its first broadcast to customers from its uplink center in Cheyenne, Wyo., using small dish antennas and state-of-the-art technology designed and built in-house.


Today, it appears that the real story of DISH centers on Ergen’s visionary courage to reinvent television distribution. Widely considered the industry leader in technology, DISH’s award-winning innovations include: Hopper with Sling® Whole-Home HD DVR that gives customers the ability to watch live and recorded TV programming from smartphones, tablets and computers; and the Tailgater®, a lightweight, portable satellite dish ideal for watching TV while tailgating, camping, in the RV or at outdoor activities.

In February 2015, Ergen launched Sling TV, the industry’s first over-the-top television service that delivers the best of live sports, news and entertainment to broadband-connected devices at home and on-the-go.


Even as DISH consistently introduces products of increasing sophistication, it also leads the industry by offering the best value – the same channels at a better price. Challenging the economics of pay-TV, Ergen has charged competitors with passing the burden of wasteful spending to subscribers, and he maintains the mantra that DISH will always offer customers the lowest everyday pricing nationwide.